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Your Kogan Money Credit Card

Setting up your Kogan Money Credit Card


Set up and activate your card

Your new credit card can be ready to use in a few simple steps. Download the mobile app or set-up your online account, then follow the instructions to activate your card. Make sure you have your credit card and mobile phone handy as we may send you an SMS as part of the set-up process.


Set up your account on your mobile​

Download the Kogan Money Credit Cards Mobile App and set up login credentials.


Set up your account online​

Go to, select ‘Register’ and follow the prompts to set-up your online account.

Other useful information

Once you’ve set-up your Kogan Money Credit Card Online account, log in to verify we’ve got all of the right information:

  1. Verify your contact details by going to My settings. Make sure you keep your primary email address updated at all times.
  2. Additional cardholder – if you’d like to request an additional cardholder, go to Manage cards > Select your card > Additional card > Apply.

Your statements

You can access your statements in the statements area of your mobile app or online account.

How do I read my statement?

  • The Available Credit is the amount of credit you have available to spend. This is your credit limit less your current balance and any pending transactions.
  • The Minimum Payment Due is the minimum amount you need to pay that month to keep your account up to date. You will also need to pay any Overlimit Amount or Overdue Amount.
  • The Closing Balance is the total amount owing on your account at the statement date.
  • The how to pay section at the bottom tells you how you can make a payment on your account including BPAY and Direct Debit.
  • The back page of your statement shows transactions this statement period. This section goes into more detail about individual transactions you’ve made on your credit card since your last statement. Remember, if you’ve made a purchase towards the end of your statement cycle it might appear on your next statement rather than your current one

Have a question about your statements? Check out our FAQs here.


You can access your statements in the statements area of your mobile app or online account.


You can use BPAY to make your repayments. Our biller code is 266650 and your Kogan Money credit card number is your customer reference number.

Direct Debit Auto Pay

With Direct Debit Auto Pay, your repayments will be automatically deducted each month from the bank account of your choice so you’ll never have to worry about them.

To set this up, log into your online account at and go to My payments > Pay my account.

Pay bills with your card

If your biller accepts credit card BPAY payments, log into your online account and go to My payments > New bill payment and select an existing payee from the drop down menu or select ‘New bill payee’.

To proceed to paying your bill, enter the biller and reference codes as detailed on your bill and confirm the transaction.

If you have billers you’d like to pay off regularly via BPAY with your credit card, you can save these details for future payments.

Minimum monthly repayments

Your Minimum Payment Due is (rounded up to the nearest dollar):
  • the card balance if it is less than $30; or
  • the greater of:
    • $30; or
    • 2.00% of the card balance; or
  • the sum of 1.00% of the card balance, Late Payment Fee (if any) and interest charged for that month,
plus any monthly instalment for that month.

You’ll see the date your payment is due on your credit card statement in the top right hand corner.

Interest free period

You will receive up to 55 days for Retail Purchases together with any related fees and charges, and any interest or fees that are not related to a specific balance type. For example, this interest free period does not apply to Cash Advances, Balance Transfers, Special Promotions, and any interest or fees related to these balance types. Whilst you have a Balance Transfer, you will also not be eligible for any interest free days for Retail Purchases, interest, fees or charges.

Managing your account

Updating your personal details

It’s really important to keep us up to date with your contact details, especially your email address as this is where we’ll send your monthly card statement as well as any other important information relating to your accounts.

It is easy to keep your details updated. Log into your mobile app or online account and then go to My settings.

If you need to change your name, you will need to contact us first as we will need to explain what documents we need from you. As soon as we get them we’ll arrange to update your name on your Kogan Money account and send you your replacement cards.

Add additional cardholders

You can have up to 4 additional cardholders linked to your account. Each additional cardholder will have their own card and any transactions made using these cards will be listed separately on your card statement, so you can easily keep track of who’s spending what.

It’s important to know that additional cardholders must be aged over 16 and the primary cardholder is responsible for each additional cardholder’s transactions.

To request additional cards on your account, log into your online account and go to Manage card > Select card > Additional cards > Apply.

Balance transfers

A balance transfer involves transferring the balance(s) on your other credit cards or loans to your Kogan Money credit card at a promotional rate for a set period of time. It can be a great way to save on interest charges.

Once your balance(s) has been transferred, you will need to close the other credit facilities you transferred balances from, as this will not occur automatically.

A balance transfer let’s you:

  • Use up to 80% of your credit card limit to pay down your balances on other credit cards or loans
  • Take advantage of a lower interest rate for the promotional period of the balance transfer

Whilst taking advantage of the above points, you should remember that no interest free days are applicable to retail purchases when you have a balance transfer. This means that any purchases you make will be charged interest at the Annual Percentage Rate for retail purchases.

For more information about balance transfers, please refer to our FAQs .

Credit limit change

You can request a decrease to your credit limit via your mobile app or online account. Login and go to Manage cards > Select card > Credit limit > Credit limit decrease

It is important to note that your credit limit can’t be lower than your product minimum (for the Kogan Money Black Card this is $6,000), and should you wish to reinstate your previous credit limit after it is decreased, your application to increase your Credit Limit will be subject to our lending criteria at that time.

To increase your credit limit, you will need to contact us to complete an application which will be approved subject to our lending criteria, your current financial situation, the verification of certain details and certain requirements.

These requirements include:

  • a minimum of 9 months from your account open date and 6 months from your last limit increase is required before an increase can be considered;
  • the maximum increase at any one time is 50% of your existing credit limit; and
  • credit limits cannot be increased by more than the product maximum.

Disputing a transaction

A transaction dispute occurs when you question a transaction charged to your Kogan Money credit card account.

To allow us to help you resolve your dispute you must contact us immediately when you identify a suspicious transaction – ideally this should be within 60 days of the transaction date. Visit our contact page for ways you can contact us.

It’s important to know that ‘unauthorised transactions’ are charges that a cardholder claims to have never authorised and we must block your card before pursuing the dispute with the merchant’s bank which may take some time.

If your dispute is not about a suspected fraudulent transaction, you should question the transaction with the merchant or service provider. If no resolution is agreed, we will act on your behalf in the formal dispute process, however, we will need all the available information and supporting documentation from you. To do this, please contact us. Visit our contact page for ways you can contact us.

Dispute cases can take up to a maximum of 180 days depending on the nature of the dispute and it is important for you to stay in contact with us and assist with the case until a resolution is achieved.

Report your card lost or stolen

If your credit card is lost or stolen, please call us immediately on 1300 415 445 or +612 8288 2061 from overseas, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We will block your lost or stolen card immediately, and send you a new card within 5 working days, if in Australia.

For more information about liability for card transactions see your account Terms and Conditions here.

Closing your account

You can request to close your account via your mobile app or online account. Login and go to Manage card > Select card > Account closure request.

Alternatively you can call us on 1300 415 445 or +612 8288 2061, if you’re overseas.

Travelling overseas

Ensure you are ready to make the most of your travel experience with these tips.

Update your mobile number

It’s important that you make sure we have the mobile number that you’ll be using while overseas, so that we can contact you if there is any suspicious activity on your account. You will also need your mobile number to receive your One-Time PIN (OTP). You can update your mobile number by logging into the Kogan Money Credit Cards Mobile App or Kogan Money Credit Cards Online.

Check the expiry date on your card

Have a look at your credit card before you leave. If your card is due to expire or it will expire when you are overseas and you haven’t received your new card, please contact us to assist.

Know your PIN

Make sure you know the PIN for your credit card as some countries require a PIN to make purchases. Simply go to the Kogan Money Credit Cards Mobile App or Kogan Money Credit Cards Online to create or change your PIN.

More travel tips

Check out – this Government website has handy travel tips, advice and all the latest travel advisory warnings.

If your card is lost or stolen, please call us immediately on +612 8288 2061 from overseas, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.